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About me

My name is Noa Matzner, full time goldsmith &  jewelry designer, from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

I will never forget the first engagement ring I made for a friend. i knew that the piece I had made for them will symbolise their love forever. the feeling of it was very powerful. That was the moment  I knew that I wanted to be among happy people that celebrate their exciting moments with the people they love. pure escapism :-)

it has been15 years since then and it is my privilege to accompany so many people and make jewelry I know they love and cherish and will pass on. 

It is important for me that each jewelry will fit the person who is wearing it. that is why you can either choose the items from my shop or order custom made ones that can be changed according to your taste and style.

Feel free to contact us with any question or request.


100% handmade


All of my jewlery are 100% handmade and are crafted  to order according to your request.